Creative writing summer camp new jersey


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creative writing summer camp new jersey

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The Big House Rutherfurd Hall Rutherfurd Hall is typical of the American Country House Movement in the early 1900s, an era when industrialization and urbanization created concentrated wealth and resources, and the opportunity for the most affluent to escape into the rural and picturesque settings that bordered metropolitan regions. Rutherfurd Hall, an 18,000 square foot Tudor country house, with 38 rooms, in 1902. Warren, with his firm, designed Grand Central Station, and a number fancy hotels and clubs in New York City.

The gifted architect moved in the same rarified social circles as the Rutherfurds and was known also for his work on Newport mansions. When Margaret Stuyvesant Rutherfurd, the mother of five children, died in her late twenties from appendicitis, Winthrop remarried Lucy Mercer Rutherfurd. Loved and lauded by the family for her free and generous spirit, Lucy has gained celebrity in recent years from a number of books that have been written about her lifelong relationship with Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who visited Rutherfurd Hall after Winthrop’s death in the 1930s.

Lucy’s story is but one of hundreds of tales that unfold inside and out at Rutherfurd Hall as it advances its interpretation plans and exhibits. Planners have developed a museum and education facility that focuses on relating the history from 1902 to 1930.

This quintessential country estate has achieved NJ State Historic Landmark Designation, and National Designation is in final process. Professor White lectures as part of the original play, written for the rooms of Rutherfurd Hall, called “The Seas of Tranquliity”, by Morgan Andrews. Initial exhibits include 24 photographic postcards of Allamuchy and the estate taken in 1906, recording landscape, animals, and architecture of the era.