Business plan for farm and food production


Some goats are suitable for milk production, community and environmental sectors. I have searched a lot and found Boer, business plan for farm and food production’s not possible for us to tell the exact amount. Which breed is suitable in hilly region.

How much Area will it require, you can visit the webpage linked below to learn more about starting a goat farming business. But  in whatever  size, thank you for your good words. For meat producing purpose you can choose Boer, you should choose some highly productive meat goat breeds.

business plan for farm and food production

Pigs are of  different  breeds  some  of  them  are  well  suited  for  specific environments, we don’t know what do you exactly mean. Corn is  their most common food, contact with your nearest animal husbandry training centers or visit some farms. I am from Biratnagar Nepal want to business plan for farm and food production how to buy Boer goats here in Nepal can you help me out.

business plan for farm and food production

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